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Here at Voice Care Australia we specialize in the human voice. We focus on the prevention of voice problems by providing voice care workshops which help participants reach their full potential while maintaining healthy vocal practices.

Voice Care Australia provides evaluation and treatment of voice disorders by a certified practicing speech pathologist. Therapy programmes are individually designed with the client's vocal demands and style as the primary focus to ensure successful effective and sustainable voice use.

"Do you persistently clear your throat? Is your voice hoarse, husky or croaky? Do you find it hard to speak with a conversational volume? Do you have difficulty making yourself heard? Does your voice tire when you talk for a long period of time? Do you feel that talking is an effort or you are straining to talk? All of these can be symptoms of a voice problem. There are some very practical solutions to these problems. Speech pathology really does help."


Cecilia Pemberton

Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

Fellow of Speech Pathology Australia, Director VCA