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Voice Care Workshops

Workshops  can be designed to your needs, My experience is that the smaller the group the more individual attention and therefore the more effective the workshop. Workshops can be one off where participants learn specific techniques: voice projection, vocal warm up or other voice care techniques, or might be a series of workshops providing exercises to practice between workshops.  The length of time required may range from one and a half hours to a full day. 

Voice Care for Teachers DVD

This DVD includes information about how the voice works using simple explanations and dynamic illustrations of the anatomy and physiology of voice production. It explains the many factors that can impact on the voice, and the signs and symptoms of voice problems and how to avoid them.  It is presented in straightforward language with practical examples that can be used in the workplace.  The DVD comes with a PDF downloadable workbook covering the content of the DVD and some practical exercises. It is designed for teachers but could be used by any group of professional voice users.

Need more information?

For a comprehensive guide to choosing the right voice care programme for your organisation email: info@voicecareaustralia.com.au