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Should I choose a Seminar or Workshop?

Voice Care Workshops are designed to incorporate a practical, interactive component. They are ideally suited for up to 15 people. Voice Care Seminars, are information sessions only and can be designed to accommodate larger groups of up to 50 people.
Who would benefit from Voice Care Workshops or Seminars?

Voice care workshops are a valuable prevention tool for any professional voice user including: teachers, singers, actors, clergy, call centre personnel, salespersons, trainers, coaches, aerobics or fitness instructors, broadcasters, lawyers  and aging voice users.

How long should a workshop or seminar last?

Workshops and seminars can be designed to suit the needs of each organization. Seminars are usually a one off information session of one hour. A  practical workshop which will include specific techniques and voice exercises, may range from one and a half hours up to to a full day.

Need more information?

For a comprehensive guide to choosing the right voice care programme for your organisation email: